Men’s Style: Uncovered

Men’s Style: Uncovered

Quintessentially British brand Hawes & Curtis is evolving from a traditional Jermyn street shirt-maker to a brand that celebrates the British lifestyle and brings out the heritage in its journey. Here, the brand lets us in on their top ten style tips for the modern gentleman.

Be inspired by our heritage

Jermyn Street is a road with more than a 300-year-old history and is associated with distinguished Gentlemen around the world. Including bespoke and ready-to-wear shirts and suits, the Jermyn Street look embraces an all-time classic feel that’s perfect for wearing in the city.

Invest in a navy suit

A true investment in every gentleman’s wardrobe should be a perfectly cut navy suit because it can be worn from morning to midnight and is perfect for most occasions. Worn with a 100% Egyptian cotton, crispy white shirt – another menswear staple of which one can never have enough – the look is always sharp and stylish.

Know your collars

Collars come in various shapes and sizes; forward facing, semi-cutaway, full cutaway, mandarin collar, button down collar, high collar and even collarless. Small collars work best for many gentlemen, while high collars demand a certain level of confidence or body type. Curtis has a wide range of collar offerings. Our formal shirts, which are traditional Jermyn Street propositions, come with a regular low collar while the famous York has a distinctive high collar that comes in a variety of colours, patterns and designs.

Pair with jeans

Any shirt, except perhaps for dress shirts, looks great with jeans. For gentleman of a conservative persuasion, we would recommend wearing jeans with a classic formal shirt of any colour, without a tie and with a fun pair of cufflinks. For those who like the attention however, a funky shirt with a special design or fabric features is an effective smart/casual choice. A contemporary pairing with jeans is knitted ties - we would recommend wearing this with a gingham shirt, also a key looks for this season.

Embrace comfort

In today’s time, fashion meets comfort and rolling up the cuffs or leaving an open neck is more than a casual option: it is a styling proposition and a statement against a constructed and ‘way-too-perfect’ look. From our friends and valuable customers working in big corporations, we have heard how they start their day with the perfect gentlemen’s look and as the day progresses on the trade floor, the cuffs are turned back and the ties are slipped into the jackets’ pockets.

Don’t be afraid of colour

Summer is the best opportunity to bring more colours into one’s wardrobe! For formal wear in the office, we would recommend shirts in ginghams or thin coloured stripes to match your grey or navy suits. Another option is to pair your everyday white and blue shirt with paisley ties. Check out the Hawes & Curtis ties from the Summer Collection and you’ll see bold and thick stripes in interesting combinations and, of course, the all-time-classic Hawaiian shirts that look great paired nicely with chinos in blue, khaki and beige.

Beware of faux-pas’

There is no right answer in fashion as the most important element in a look is the person who wears it. However, some small mistakes, like having a jacket fitted way too much when it should always allow the body to move, or when the sleeves of the jacket show too much or too little cuff, are things that we most commonly witness. Another small detail that only the most knowledgeable sales associates advise customers is that a hankie and a tie should never match!

Dress to suit your proportions

Height and shape is not a strong factor to dressing smart; no matter what your proportions, the important thing is for everything to fit correctly. For our shorter customers, a wide-known secret is that the vertical stripes on a suit can create the illusion of a slimmer and taller figure. And lengths of jackets can work wonders in balancing out a wider silhouette.

Go for quality

Never underestimate the investment value in high quality outfits. They will pay off not only in time but also in the many different occasions you can rely on them for. Hawes & Curtis offers great quality and luxury products at affordable prices, which is what our customers love. We can help you build a fantastic wardrobe that will keep on paying off.

Explore new trends

No matter how long you’ve been wearing a particular style, it’s always beneficial to be open to new styles and trends. Whether it is our premium 1913 line, our everyday office-wear Formal, the smart casual Curtis or the newly added Weekend Collection, one thing is for sure: there is a piece for every occasion and taste, and we would like to invite you to explore it!